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Quarry Walk was officially opened on 17th July 2009 by 99 year old George Crawford (pictured) from Grendon.  


Sadly George has now passed away but we love this picture and it reminds us all of a very happy day.



Welcome to Reedallaboutit.co.uk - the website for Quarry Walk in Earls Barton.Please take a look around our website to find out exactly what Quarry Walk is all about.


STOP PRESS**STOP PRESS** For any birding enthusiasts out there you might be interested to know that a bittern was spotted today 9th February,2016.  It flew from the reedbed to around the waters edge. Exciting stuff.


January 2016 -Well it is the start of the New Year and after all the rain recently the reed bed is really filling up nicely.  

Its amazing to think that this Summer,Quarry Walk will have been open to the public for six years - where has the time gone?  During this time, we have witnessed all sorts of fabulous sites, from seeing a bittern (which really was a highlight) to stumbling upon a Terrapin which apparently was not good news at all.  Each winter we are treated to an amazing starling murmeration when every evening just before dusk, thousands upon thousands of starlings go through their pre roosting routine making a very dramatic vision to behold. It is well worth nipping down to take a look.

The reedbed is currently undergoing some essential maintentance to keep the rogue willows at bay and to enable the reeds to thrive, it is an ongoing programme, and if ever you feel like getting involved and helping with some manual work, then please do email us.


Remember, if you have any news or comments about what you have seen on your walk around the reedbed, then we would love you to post your messages on our message board.